Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I have decided to go outside of my skincare comfort zone and let you guys more into my life. I recently purchased a few things from the early access Nordstroms anniversary sale, and let me tell you I think they were amazing deals. I have always loved to shop and as I've gotten older sales are way more appealing to me. I have decided to post a slideshow of some of the items I personally got, and my top choices of things I would recommend getting. I have some cute dresses that I think are a good deal, shoes, and of course skincare. (BIG DEAL Kate Sommerville Exfolikate collection is on sale TOTALLY WORTH IT!!) If you have ever been hesitant about trying her products because of the price, try them now. The Exfolikate regular foaming wash is on sale for $22 dollars.. 10/10 recommendation for me. Also the Steve Madden Mules I got them in a nude color that has already sold out! My sister got the black ones that are pictured, but wow these are so amazing and go with almost any outfit. Perfect for fall! I am also a big big fan of Rachell Parcell and her collection at nordstrom. Some of her blouses that I ordered (not pictured) already sold out. They are very cute. The last picture included is a skincare product. Dr. Barbra Sturm Serums. I have only ever used a cleanser of hers (probably the most affordable thing she has) and it works great! I have always wanted to try her serums (everyone raves about them), but I have always found them to be a little too much $$$. I haven't ordered this from the sale yet, but I have been thinking about it because you get 3 of her serums for the price of 2 basically. I'll follow up if I decide to get them and probably do a blog post on if I think they actually work or not. Let me know if you there's other things that you guys have found in the sale that you think are worth the buy!!! xoxo


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