happy fall-

It is finally my favorite time of the year!! I have been a little busy these past few weeks, but I figured I would write an update and then do a skincare post later. Don’t you just love it when the seasons start to change, especially when it goes from summer to fall? I just love the crisp mornings, and the pumpkin spice everything and the cool nights. I have been thinking about ways to share more of what I love aside from skincare, and what better way than to share some recipes and things I love most during the fall. I will try and write posts as often as I can and just include different things, like home decor, recipes, pictures of fun things I am currently doing,

The picture above was from this past weekend at a sunflower field near my house. It is absolutely beautiful. Sunflowers are by no means my favorite flower, but I just think there is something special about a field full of sunflowers especially during the fall. Comment or post things that you would like me to share about my favorite time of the year… I would love to get some ideas 🙂

xo Tara

New Product Ideas-

I have been sticking to my usual routine lately and I am running out of new products to try. I didn’t post this week mostly because I was busy but also because I need new ideas of products you guys are using now or things that you think its worth trying and doing a review on! I would love to hear from you guys and try new products!! I am using this new eye cream right now by ROC, I just got it a few days ago so after a good week of using it I will do a review. (Hopefully my dark circles wont be as noticeable 🙂 ) In the meantime send me a message or leave a comment of good skin care products to try!! Thanks ❤

Home Remedies that help with my skin routine

Lemon Water is probably one of the most amazing things you can do for your skin and its sooo simple. Every morning just squeeze half a lemon add it to a cup and add some warm water and drink it before anything else. This has so many benefits and just cleans out your system first thing in the morning. Here are some of the benefits: 

  • It promotes hydration – so not only does it taste great but it also will encourage you to drink more water. If you dont like the way water tastes adding something natural enhances the flavor and is great for you. 
  • Vitamin C – of course lemons have plenty of this. Not only does it help boost your immune system but vitamin c is a natural healer for your skin. It helps reduce inflammation and helps with scarring, and reducing discoloration (when applied topically).
  • Weight Loss – Many people may know that starting your day off with lemon water is a great way to jump start weight loss. Even drinking lemon water throughout the day helps with this as well. Drinking more water throughout the day makes you feel more full throughout the day and thus leads to less eating (in my eyes). 
  • Digestion – Like I previously mentioned it helps to rid and reduce the body of any toxins when you drink it first thing in the morning. Think of it as a morning cleanse for your gut. 

This is probably one of those things that once you start doing it you wont ever want to stop. It is simple and easy and you will notice a difference not only in your skin but as well as your overall health. Try it out and let me know how it works out for you.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I have decided to go outside of my skincare comfort zone and let you guys more into my life. I recently purchased a few things from the early access Nordstroms anniversary sale, and let me tell you I think they were amazing deals. I have always loved to shop and as I've gotten older sales are way more appealing to me. I have decided to post a slideshow of some of the items I personally got, and my top choices of things I would recommend getting. I have some cute dresses that I think are a good deal, shoes, and of course skincare. (BIG DEAL Kate Sommerville Exfolikate collection is on sale TOTALLY WORTH IT!!) If you have ever been hesitant about trying her products because of the price, try them now. The Exfolikate regular foaming wash is on sale for $22 dollars.. 10/10 recommendation for me. Also the Steve Madden Mules I got them in a nude color that has already sold out! My sister got the black ones that are pictured, but wow these are so amazing and go with almost any outfit. Perfect for fall! I am also a big big fan of Rachell Parcell and her collection at nordstrom. Some of her blouses that I ordered (not pictured) already sold out. They are very cute. The last picture included is a skincare product. Dr. Barbra Sturm Serums. I have only ever used a cleanser of hers (probably the most affordable thing she has) and it works great! I have always wanted to try her serums (everyone raves about them), but I have always found them to be a little too much $$$. I haven't ordered this from the sale yet, but I have been thinking about it because you get 3 of her serums for the price of 2 basically. I'll follow up if I decide to get them and probably do a blog post on if I think they actually work or not. Let me know if you there's other things that you guys have found in the sale that you think are worth the buy!!! xoxo

Do Cleansing Balms actually work?

I know it’s been a minute and I haven’t been posting weekly like I promised, I’m sorry work got a little crazy…(still I know not an excuse). But I was also reviewing a new product and giving it a week trial before I decided to post about it. I’m not sure about everyone else, but my nighttime skincare routine involves plenty of steps. The first and most important one always being to remove my makeup and any build-up that has accumulated on my skin throughout the day. I would normally use make-up remover wipes (Neutrogena & Burts Bee’s have really good ones) , but for the past week I have decided to give this cleansing balm a try. It is the Sunday Riley Blue Moon Clean Rinse Cleansing Balm. Let me tell you, I am obsessed. Not only does it get rid of all the excess oils and build up from my skin, it leaves my skin feeling extra smooth. So how do I use it? Well, I wash my face first with that, I use it as a pre-cleanse or my step 1. Afterwords I follow with my usual cleanser (Exfolikate daily wash), and then I use my vitamin C serum, Retinol, Moisturizer and finally my eye cream. I can list all the products I am currently using during my night routine. I want to post a video of my night routine as well, and probably link all the products in that video. I would give this product 5 stars, I highly highly recommend it. I linked it above in the text if you want to check it out 🙂

Rating: 5 out of 5.

my favorite drug store products

okay, welcome back to another typical tuesday post!!

You all probably already know how obsessed with skincare I am. And as I navigate this whole blog thing and writing more, what keeps me on top of things and motivated to share with you guys is my weekly skincare posts. I thought it would be nice to share some pretty well priced products that you can find at literally any drug store. One of my favorite drug store brands for l always use and trust so much is CeraVe. Their products are clean, and dont ever leave my skin feeling sticky or oily. These two products the AM & PM face moisturizers are amazing and honestly so good. I love the morning one because it has spf 30 in it, so I don’t have to add more spf (unless im going to the pool or something) but on a regular day its good enough. The night one has hyaluronic acid in it so it is leaving my skin feeling extra hydrated especially when I wake up in the morning. These two products are staples in my skincare routine..and like I always say I am constantly changing things up, but these two always stay. I think it’s important to remember that we should always be looking for the quality of products, and that the price of products does not equal a better product or value. There are so many other drug store products I rotate into my routine. Aveeno Facial foaming cleanser is one that I love. I rotate to add that to my schedule every few months. And Cetaphil is a moisturizer that I also love and use if I don’t have anymore CeraVe. Like I said you can find these products at any drug store, (CVS, Walgreens, Target etc.).

Sorry this weeks post is kind of short & sweet, I am working at the hospital all week and I am kind of busy. I’ll be back with more blog worthy content soon though 🙂

xo typical tara

my go to cleansers

Kate Sommerville Exfolikate

Cleansing is one of the most important skincare routines you can get yourself into. Switching up your cleansers regularly is also important. Even though I am going to discuss the exfolikate line by kate sommerville today, by no means is this the only cleanser I use. I also want to point out, these are just my opinions and I am not sponsored in any way for these posts. I just use many different products and have tried a lot so I am just sharing what works for me!

I will add more posts about other cleansers, and do a drug store post of all the skincare products I use that are more affordable and available at your local pharmacy. But for now let’s dive into the exfolikate cleanser.

There are two cleansers, a daily foaming wash (which I use daily usually in the mornings and at night on my off days from exfoliating). Then there is the intensive exfoliating treatment. I LOVE this cleanser. It feels great on your skin, it smells amazing, and it works.

How to use it for best results — well I love to steam my face. (I will discuss skincare tools in another post). So usually when I use the intensive exfolikate cleanser, I will steam first for a few minutes and then apply the cleanser while I am still steaming my face. This way my pores are open and you can really feel the cleanser penetrating into your skin. It may tingle for a few seconds, but it honestly feels like your skin can breathe. I leave the cleanser on for a few minutes, like I would any mask and then I rinse it off with warm water. I usually do this two to three times a week. You can really see your skin change and start to glow. It’s the best. It also really depends on the season, and how my skin is feeling. When my skin is more dry I typically will exfoliate more just to remove the dead skin.

I know this is a cleanser post, but the whole exfolikate line is amazing. I also use the moisturizer daily as well as the liquid exfolikate after I cleanse (kind of like a toner). I will discuss the other products in depth in a different typical tuesday post. But the whole line is highly recommended. The website is linked to the title of this post & here! Click & Check it out!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

my favorite skincare products

My favorite go to product – Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads

I find it only fitting to talk about my favorite exfoliation pads on my first skincare post. I started using these about 3 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. Some thins I love about them is that they have different strengths for different skincare types. So if you have sensitive skin or more oily skin there is one for you. I will post below how I use them in my daily routine.

  • First, I cleanse my skin with a gentle cleanser, I don’t exfoliate the days that I use these pads.
  • After I pat my skin dry, I use the first step. What I love about these is that it comes individualized in packets and the directions are on there.
  • After wiping my skin with the first step, I make sure to cover all of my face and my neck. I wait about 2-5 minutes and continue with step 2. It’s basically the same thing you just wipe it all over your skin and let it dry.
  • Afterwords you continue with face serums and moisturizers. I will talk about my favorite serums and moisturizers in a different post.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

traverse city, michigan

My Traverse City blog is all about things to do while spending a summer weekend in northern michigan. It has been awhile since my family has gone up to traverse city, but it is still as beautiful and refreshing as ever. We decided to do a little weekend summer getaway, especially now during COVID it’s hard to travel far. We did so many fun things, not just going to the beach (which is always fun in the summer). Traverse City is a great place to visit because if you don’t care for the beach you can always do other things, like go cherry picking. After all traverse city is the cherry capital. We went cherry picking at this really nice u-pick cherry farm called Cherry Connections. We went the first day they opened for the season, and wow let me tell you we picked a ton of cherries. They have sweet cherries, dark & light cherries. All of them taste delicious. Another fun thing we did was go to a lavender farm! This is something I have always wanted to do, and I knew northern michigan has a few of them. We visited Harbor View Lavender Farm and not only do they have the amazing fresh lavender (it smells sooo good!!), but they also have dried out lavender, and the most DELICIOUS lavender & honey ice cream. We went two days in a row just for some ice cream! With both of those things, there is also the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National Park. Imagine climbing up dunes made of sand, in the summer and seeing the most amazing lake views. My dad made it all the way to the top..and although it took me a little longer I finally made up up there with him. You get a great workout and your reward is the most amazing views. There are also plenty of other things to do, we visited one of many lighthouses, walked around downtown traverse city, did some shopping. You really can’t get bored because there is something for everyone.