my go to cleansers

Kate Sommerville Exfolikate

Cleansing is one of the most important skincare routines you can get yourself into. Switching up your cleansers regularly is also important. Even though I am going to discuss the exfolikate line by kate sommerville today, by no means is this the only cleanser I use. I also want to point out, these are just my opinions and I am not sponsored in any way for these posts. I just use many different products and have tried a lot so I am just sharing what works for me!

I will add more posts about other cleansers, and do a drug store post of all the skincare products I use that are more affordable and available at your local pharmacy. But for now let’s dive into the exfolikate cleanser.

There are two cleansers, a daily foaming wash (which I use daily usually in the mornings and at night on my off days from exfoliating). Then there is the intensive exfoliating treatment. I LOVE this cleanser. It feels great on your skin, it smells amazing, and it works.

How to use it for best results — well I love to steam my face. (I will discuss skincare tools in another post). So usually when I use the intensive exfolikate cleanser, I will steam first for a few minutes and then apply the cleanser while I am still steaming my face. This way my pores are open and you can really feel the cleanser penetrating into your skin. It may tingle for a few seconds, but it honestly feels like your skin can breathe. I leave the cleanser on for a few minutes, like I would any mask and then I rinse it off with warm water. I usually do this two to three times a week. You can really see your skin change and start to glow. It’s the best. It also really depends on the season, and how my skin is feeling. When my skin is more dry I typically will exfoliate more just to remove the dead skin.

I know this is a cleanser post, but the whole exfolikate line is amazing. I also use the moisturizer daily as well as the liquid exfolikate after I cleanse (kind of like a toner). I will discuss the other products in depth in a different typical tuesday post. But the whole line is highly recommended. The website is linked to the title of this post & here! Click & Check it out!

Rating: 5 out of 5.