happy fall-

It is finally my favorite time of the year!! I have been a little busy these past few weeks, but I figured I would write an update and then do a skincare post later. Don’t you just love it when the seasons start to change, especially when it goes from summer to fall? I just love the crisp mornings, and the pumpkin spice everything and the cool nights. I have been thinking about ways to share more of what I love aside from skincare, and what better way than to share some recipes and things I love most during the fall. I will try and write posts as often as I can and just include different things, like home decor, recipes, pictures of fun things I am currently doing,

The picture above was from this past weekend at a sunflower field near my house. It is absolutely beautiful. Sunflowers are by no means my favorite flower, but I just think there is something special about a field full of sunflowers especially during the fall. Comment or post things that you would like me to share about my favorite time of the year… I would love to get some ideas 🙂

xo Tara